Export Quality Crocodile Meat

Australian Saltwater Crocodile

Like all the Wild Game meat products we source and supply, we are able to supply when available, high quality Australian Crocodile Meat for export to Asia and other countries.

Crocodiles are considered to be sacred and many are kept in temple pools to be worshiped. Still hunters snare for their skins. Crocodile meat is consumed in some countries, such as Australia, Ethiopia, Thailand and South Africa. It is eaten in pickled form in Cuba and found in specialty restaurants in some parts of the United States. Two restaurants in the Bangkok area specialise in Crocodile meat dishes. Many of the customers are Chinese. Crocodile meat is white. Some say it has a light taste like shellfish or lobster: "white, light and tender, surprisingly unfish like."

Crocodiles are easier to spot during the night than the day. Their eyes turn red when a flight is flashed on them. Crocodile poachers hunt mostly at night. The shine lights into the animal's eyes and spear them or shoot them. On the Liverpool River in northern Australia hunters used to bag forty crocodiles a night by stunning them with bright lights. It is now against the law to hunt crocodiles in Australia.

Crocodile Farms in China

Imported Crocodile In Chinese Processing Plant


In the mid-1990s, China's Forestry Department eliminated duties on the import of breeding Crocodiles as way of develop a Crocodile leather and meat industry to provide jobs

for farmers losing their land. Over the past decade China has imported tens of thousands of Crocodiles from Thailand, accompanied by Thai handlers, to get the industry going in southern China.

The Crocodile industry in China has suffered a number of setbacks. The Crocodiles from Thailand have had trouble adapting to the slightly cooler temperatures of southern China and often don't like the food that is served them. The biggest problem is that the males tend to overeat and become sluggish in the autumn and winter and have no interest in sex when the breeding season rolls around in the spring. Success in Crocodile farming means having lots of breeding Crocodiles producing new sources of meat and leather.

Crocodile Farms in Thailand

Thai Crocodile Farm


Thailand is a leader in Crocodile farming. In the 1990s there were more than 200 Crocodile breeders in Thailand, most of them on the central plain provinces of Uthai Thani, Nokron sawan, Chainat, Prachin Buri, Chonburi and Sumut Prakarn. The largest Crocodile farm in Thailand, in the Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok, has 30,000 Crocodiles.

New born crocodiles are worth about AUS$ 88.00, but a mature seven- to ten-year-old between two and three meters in length can fetch $1,600 to $2,000.

Most of the Crocodile skins are shipped to Europe where they are made into belts, purses and shoes. The meat is exported to Asian countries, especially ones with a large Chinese population that consider Crocodile meat a delicacy and the ground up skull and teeth are used in medicines. Dry Crocodile meat sells for about $120 a kilo and a crocodile belt goes for about $100.

Aussie Croc' Meat Bound For Chinese Kitchens

To most Australian Crocodile farmers, the meat of the reptile is considered a mere by-product of the skin, a much more valuable commodity.

In 2011 a visiting Chinese trade delegation has changed those attitudes. The group, representing 20 of the country's top seafood importers, are hoping they will be able to convince the Chinese government to sign a crocodile meat-export agreement with Australia. Guangzhou City Haitong Food Company chairman Jacky Li has seen for himself the process of getting crocodile from pond to plate, and has relished the opportunity.

"We tasted many crocodiles. Almost every meal we've had crocodile but particularly last night we had a crocodile meal in a Chinese restaurant and the cooking method is really good and most suitable for us Chinese," he said.

The Chinese also use Crocodile limbs to make medicinal soups. It is used as a treatment for a range of ailments including asthma, the common cold, and is also believed to promote longevity. "In China, we believe after we have crocodile it is very good to help strengthen our immune system and also to build up our strength," Mr Jacky said.

Australian Prepared Crocodile Steaks


The Australian Crocodile industry is growing and is producing enough Crocodile meat now to supply export markets. Australian Producers are also pushing for an export agreement with European Union countries, but it is the Chinese appetite for exotic meats that has Crocodile farmers seriously producing for the Asian market.

Crocodile is already on the menu in China. The country gets 60 per cent of its Crocodile meat from domestic farms. The other 40 per cent is Crocodile imported from Thailand and Vietnam, with alligator imported from the United States.

A lot of Chinese don't really trust Crocodiles and Crocodile products coming from Thailand and Vietnam because of the black market; because they're not sure about whether even the Crocodile meat being sold from there is in fact Crocodile i the first place. Australia has very stringent laws for Producers, Breeders, Farmers and Exporters including normal health and hygiene certification at the point of export.

We look forward to assisting you with the supply of the highest quality Crocodile Meat to your customers. We can supply both fresh and frozen Crocodile cuts FOB. Our usual terms and conditions of trade apply to this exciting relatively new Australian product. Contact Us now for further information and assistance.