Wallaby Meat

Export Quality Wallaby Meat


Our company is able to source, export and supply restaurant quality Wallaby Meat.

Tasmania is the only state in Australia where it is legal to harvest Wallaby. We established this new Indigenous meats industry in 1993 and the word ‘Lenah’ means Wallaby in Aboriginal. Tasmania was the first place to harvest and process Wallaby and our company markets it direct to the restaurant and export trade. Wallaby has gained a reputation amongst Australia’s finest chefs as the ‘veal of kangaroo’. It has a light color, a sweet flavor and fine texture. Stringent quality control ensures that Australian Wallaby truly earns its reputation as one of nature’s finest meats.

Wallaby is harvested from some of Tasmania’s best grazing land, thus the meat has a consistent and mild flavor. In addition systems have been developed to ensure that only product from young animals is used for our first grade cuts; the rest being made into small goods. This helps guarantee a consistently high quality, tender Wallaby meat product.


Wallaby is sold in every state and territory in Australia. It has featured on many of Australia’s most famous menus and has more than once won the Delicious magazine gong for the best meat product out of Tasmania. It is also available in supermarkets throughout Tasmania and increasingly on the Mainland. "Wallaby has been the red meat of choice amongst the discerning Tasmanian dining public for 40,000 years". It’s only the last 100 years or so that there’s been a bit of a hiccup in it’s marketing program and our company is assisting to turn this around with domestic and export sales.

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