Chicken Breast

Highest Quality Chicken Breast


.. Export, and trading of Chicken Breast Fillets

Are you interested in Australian Chicken Breast Fillets? Our company specialises in the trade of fresh and frozen Chicken Breast Fillet products. Packing sizes can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

As an international trader of Chicken Breast Fillets, with our manufacturing and export partner we take care of the exporting and all hygiene other freight forwarding documentation to you FOB anywhere in the world.

Chicken Breast Products

Breast Fillets – Packed In Perforated Pack

Skinless & boneless split chicken breast. Conveniently packed in perforated packs – some for now, and save some for later.

Breast – On the bone

Chicken breast with the skin on, attached to the breast bone.

Skinless Breast Fillet

Skinless and deboned split chicken breast. Very low in fat.

Skin on Breast

Boneless split chicken breast with the skin left on for added flavor.

Breast Stir Fry

Available at independents in a tray pack or at Costco in a convenient perforated pack