Pacific Oysters

Australian Pacific Oyster


Australian Pacific Oysters are abundant and high quality in varying sizes

Pacific Oyster farming in Australia

Originally the Sydney Rock Oyster Industry was supplemented by the then developing industry based on the cultivation of the Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) which were introduced into Tasmania from Japan in the 1940's and then into New South Wales (NSW) where they are in abundance and to South Australia in the 1960's.

We are able to source and supply from Growers seasonal quantities of Pacific Oysters from five New South Wales estuaries spread along the entire length of the NSW coastline which as one State of Australia only, is larger than many countries of the world and spans from the Tweed River on the Queensland border to Wonboyn Lake adjacent to the Victorian border to the south. South Australia also boosts seasonal crops of high quality Pacific Oysters as is shown in the video above of the seafood produce coming out of this State of Australia.

What can you expect

  • The Oysters we can supply are live and whole shipped to you over night by refrigerated Air Freight
  • Controlled and monitored by the Australian Government Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (SASQAP)
  • Pacific Oysters In The Wild


    Grading - Full Shell Length - 50 +mm , 60 +mm, 70 + mm, 80 + mm, 90 + mm


April to December is peak season for Pacific Oysters and due to demand and other environmental factors Triploid Pacific Oysters, which do not spawn, can be sourced and supplied in off seasons (December to March) from both New South Wales and South Australia.


Pacific Oysters can be freighted by air live and fresh into Asia, Europe and the America's.

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Australian Pacific Oysters