Live Black Mussels

Australian Black Mussels

Australian Live Black Mussels


When talking about aquaculture seafood in Eyre peninsula and Port Lincoln, no one can avoid the discussion of mussels. The farming of mussels in Eyre peninsula is mainly in Boston Bay, an area where the dessert and the sea come into contact with each other. Although the mussel farming is still relatively new in Boston Bay, with about 10 years of experience, mussel producers are proudly claim the region to be the most suitable place to grow mussels in Australia. Produced here are the blue mussels which are soft, juicy and sweet.

The soft blue mussels, if you get a chance to experience, are pretty clean in flavour with a hint of sweetness and are very buttery in texture. This feature made the mussels to be suitable for many dishes. The mussels grown in Boston Bay are mainly on the long line system shown above. In this system, the spats are spread over the long line and are then suspended into the water. The specific flavour and texture of Boston Bay blue mussels mainly came from the natural environment of the area These mussels are fed by the water which has rich nutrients.

The mussel farming, although does not contribute significantly in the economy, is very useful for the domestic market. The mussels’ high quality is the key for consumers to buy and to sample. With 10 years experience in growing mussels, producers in the region started to think the best way to deliver their mussels to customers. The mussels, now, are pre-scrubbed and graded and are sealed in a bag with their living environment, the seawater. Hence, at the consumers’ end, live mussels delivery is made possible with this packaging method.