Ocean Jacket

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Ocean Jacket - Species:  Nelusetta ayraudi

Also known as Sea Jacket, Chinaman LeatherjacketYellow Jacket and Chunks.

Ocean Jackets have a long snout and their head length is much greater than their body depth.  The anterior rays of their dorsal and anal fins are much longer than the remaining rays and there are 32-32 rays in the dorsal fin.  Adult females and juveniles are yellowish brown, with orange or yellowish fins, and the juveniles have 1-4 longitudinal dark brown stripes along their body.  Adult males are greenish grey, sometimes with two or three dark blotches on their sides, and they have bright yellow fins.

Ocean Jacket

Ocean Jacket

This species of Leatherjacket is considered to be endemic to Australia, although a single specimen has been reported from New Zealand.

Ocean Jackets are found from very shallow water (2m) to water as deep as 200m.   There is a tendency for their average size to increase with water depth.   Juvenile ocean jackets have been caught in seagrass, over bare sand and on rocky reefs.  Adults tend to be absent from seagrass areas.  In northern New South Wales, ocean jackets are occasionally present in reef areas, but in South Australian waters, they are common over sand and coral sea beds.

Ocean jackets spawn off South Australia between late April and early May in waters 85-200m deep, several hundred kilometers off shore.  Each season, female ocean jackets averaging 40 cm total length produce about 700,000 spherical eggs measuring approximately 0.6 mm in diameter when ripe.  Some large females can produce up to 2 million eggs.

Adult Ocean Jackets are carnivorous, feeding mainly on salps, gastropod molluscs, crustaceans and fish.  Fishers have reported that squid are also eaten.  Ocean jackets form loose, small schools when feeding.

Ocean Jacket Eye Fillets


The principal commercial fishery uses traps, with a wide single opening and are set at depths from 60m to 150m.  The traps are baited with rock lobster heads and set at dawn, and are retrieved about 2 hours later.  The fish are immediately headed, gutted and chilled. Commercial Grading to sizes 100-200g, 200-300g, 300g

Most Ocean jackets are sold as fresh trunks.  Large amounts of ocean jackets caught keeps the price low.

We are able to source and arrange for the export of this underrated product to your Product Specifications, fresh or frozen, headless, gutted, skin on/off with IQF or bulk frozen to -30°C. Ocean Jacket are available all year round and can be caught in almost all parts of Australia. Suppliers pack processed product in 10 kg cardboard cartons when frozen measured by frozen weight and polystyrene cartons when packed as a fresh random weighted product. Usual freight across Air and Sea can be arranged to meet your clients schedules.

Most Ocean jackets are sold as fresh trunks.  Large amounts of ocean jackets caught keeps the price low which we would be pleased to source for you and arrange everything to get this wonderful product to your Port. Contact Us today for more information.