Aussie King Prawns

All Brands Of Aussie Prawns

All Brands Of Aussie Prawns

We can supply Aussie Prawns caught from all areas of clean Australian waters

Making The Grade — How Aussie Prawns Are Sized

Prawns come in all different sizes, and they are graded by how many there are per pound. The lower the number, the bigger the prawn.

“U” means under — e.g U/8 (pronounced “you eight”) means 8 or less prawns of this size per pound or 16 prawns per kilo. Sometimes prawns are graded within a range e.g 21/30 (Pronounced twenty-one, thirty) means a pound will contain from 21 to 30 prawns (or 40-60 prawns per kilo) 21/30 prawns are medium size.

Commonly found prawn grades

  • U/6 = 12 prawns per kilo (Enormous. Also can be called Leader Prawns)
  • U/8 = 16 prawns per kilo (Huge)
  • U/10 = 20 prawns per kilo (XX-Large)
  • U/15 = 30 prawns per kilo (X-Large)
  • 9/12 = 20 prawns per kilo ( X-Large)
  • 10/20 = 30 prawns per kilo (Large)
  • 21/30 = 50 prawns per kilo(Medium)
  • 30+ = 70 prawns per kilo (Small)
  • S&B = Soft and Broken and come ungraded for size



Aussie Prawns


Green Banana Prawns

The crustaceans that Australians call prawns belong to one Decapod family, Penaeidae. Adults grow to about 200 mm long. Most Penaeids sold in Australian fish shops are caught by trawlers in the tropics, in places like the Gulf of Carpentaria. Small fisheries for prawns exist in estuaries farther south. In Asia prawns are raised in coastal farms.

Penaeids live close to the seafloor in shallow water, burrowing in the mud during the day and moving only at night, when they can be caught by trawl nets. Prawns reproduce by dispersing their eggs freely into the water, where the young prawns hatch and swim into estuaries to grow up.

There are about 70 species of prawns in Australia, but only 10 are of economic significance: Banana prawn, Endeavour prawn, Tiger prawn, King prawn, Red-spot prawn and School prawn are some of the names used for different species or groups of species.

We are able to source the most popular commercial brands of Australian Prawns and arrange export to your Port. Contact Us mow for assistance in purchasing fresh high quality Aussie Prawns to your customers. For more information on each individual species please refer to those pages in this web site.